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Series Rules
  1. To contend in the Race Series, you must be a member of the Oklahoma City Running Club and sign up for the Race Series before November 1, 2018.

  2. To be scored in the Race Series, your Date of Birth and gender must be on record with the Race Series Coordinator, which would be confirmed on the sign-up application.

  3. If your birthday is before July 1, you compete in your new age group for the entire year.

  4. If your birthday is on or after July 1, you compete in your old age group for the entire year.

  5. There is no requirement that you run all distances.

  6. There will be no substitutes from listed races without board approval.

  7. Standings will be maintained on the OCRC website with regular updates.

  8. If a person registers for the Race Series (whether a new member or old member) by November 1, and has run one or more Series Races prior to registering, they will be scored one less than the present low score (unless it is 1, then it will be 1 also) within the appropriate age group. If there are no previous contenders in the age group for the specific race, the newly registered member will be awarded 10 points.

  9. You must volunteer at 1 race. Please register as a volunteer with the race director. Click Here to report volunteer duty after it has been completed to receive your volunteer credit.

  10. You must either run 9 races and volunteer for 1 event, volunteer for 10 events, or any combination thereof to achieve10 with at least one being a volunteer activity.

  11. Volunteer Guidelines:

    • Volunteering for any Series Race counts as a race completed. Your volunteer activities should be coordinated with the Race Director and can include help in registration, packet stuffing, expo booth, parking, course marshaling, setup, breakdown, start/finish line, fluid station, etc.

    • Volunteering at other racing events designated by the Race Committee count for volunteer purposes. Volunteer activities other than Series Races will be very limited.

  12. You must be a club member before Nov. 1 of the race year and registered for the Race Series to be included in the race series competition/participation.

  13. Scoring - 100 points possible:

    • 10 points for first volunteer, then 1 point for each volunteer thereafter.

    • It will be each runner’s responsibility to notify the race series statistician of your volunteering efforts.
    • Running points or volunteer points may be claimed per race, you may not claim both for one race.

    • 1st place scores 10 points, 2nd place scores 9 points, 3rd place scores 8 points, etc. to 10 deep. 10th place and over receive 1 point.

    • Only your 10 best finishes will be scored.

    • If a Series Race has multiple distances or durations that count for series purposes, but is to be counted as a single Series race, the contenders who cover the longest distance in each age group will be awarded the highest scores according to the scoring criteria, then the second longest and so forth.

  14. You may terminate your Race Series participation/registration at any time by contacting

  15. You must remain a club member in good standing to continue to be scored for the Race Series. If you fail to renew your membership within 90 days after your renewal due date, your name will be removed from the Race Series standings. To be reinstated, you will need to rejoin the Club, register for the Race Series again, and you will fall under the rule of new Race Series participant. (See Rule #8)

    You must continue to be an OCRC member until the awards are given (generally in the first quarter of the following year) to receive an award.

Questions or suggestions concerning Series Races can be referred to the Series Committee:


**Access our Events Calendar or contact the race director for actual dates & times of Series Races.

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